Shadow Aura Code of Conduct

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Shadow Aura Code of Conduct

Post by Renova on Tue Apr 07, 2015 3:00 pm

Our guild strives to provide an enjoyable environment for all our members. It is vital that you carefully review our rules. This applies to both in game and on our forum site.

- Please be respectful to each other.
- Everyone has the right to privacy [While some may reveal about themselves personally, others want to retain a private life, and may not want to expose more than within the game.]
- Keep drama at a minimum [We understand that drama cannot be 100% prevented, however we are committed to resolve any conflict a member may have, and encourage members to privately contact the staff.]
- Help each other out =)
- Have FUN!!! Because ya know....its a game and that's what games are suppose to bring.

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