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Operations 101

Post by Surdrick on Tue Apr 07, 2015 3:42 pm

Learning to be a vital member to operations? Then you should take the time and read here.

Operations [For some known as RAIDs] are a 8 or 16 man mission, that involves a team of every role [Damage, Heals, Tank] to overcome challenging bosses. Some boss fights may be similar to ones in flashpoints, others may have different mechanics that makes the fights unique. Here are some terminology to help you prepare to do Ops.

DPS - Damage Per Second
DOT - Damage over time
HOT - Heal over time
Guard - Tank ability allows to cast a barrier on selected teammate allowing to redirect some damage from the selected teammate to the tank, and slowing their threat gain.
Tank and Spank - This refers the fight having little or no mechanics, and that the fight consist of the tank taking the boss and the DPS burning.
Burn - This means every player stops what they are doing and focuses doing damage to the boss [or adds].
Phase - A phase is a part of the fight, some fights consist of multiple phases that may change the environment of the boss fight.
Healer [Heals] - Role that keeps the Ops team alive.
Off Healer [Heals] - Usually a DPS with a healing ability that will heal if the primary healers are in need of additional healing support.
Tank - Role that takes on the boss during boss fights.
Main Tank - This tank usually takes on the Boss during fights.
Off Tank - They are back up tanks, in case the Main Tank dies, or if there are additional enemies in the boss fight. An Off Tank also helps take the main boss if the Main Tank's Health gets low.
AOE [Area of Effect] - These are cast by enemies or teammates, usually indicated by a color on the ground, AOE's affect enemies or teammates if they are within the boundaries of it. "Don't Stand in Stupid!"
LOS [Line of Sight] - In order to get attacked or heal, targets must be in the line of sight. An LOS is when the tank initiates a fight and covers behind a corner forcing the enemy to approach the tank at the corner, allowing the team to damage the group more effectively.
Aggro - This means the enemy has targeted the player. It also means that during a fight the enemy has prioritized on a particular player. (Usually the Tank)



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