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Open Positions

Post by Renova on Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:08 am

We currently have open positions, below are a brief description for each.

Officer: Guild Officers help the Guildmaster with guild promotion, forum upkeep. They ensure the needs of guildies are met, by helping with heroics and such. They are also in charge with helping new players learn the game (First two worlds) and providing tips and tricks to help them learn the game.

Requirements: Must be an active guild member [Rank Member or higher]
Must had register on the forums

Level Requirement: No level requirement


Underboss: The Guild Underboss is in charge of all guild functions and assist with the Guildmaster and Co-GM. Duties include, Roster Management, Guild Event planning, fundraising, promotions, and coordinating the Officers team. They also share the responsibilities of an Officer.

Requirements: Must be an active guild member
Must be outgoing and social, leadership experience a plus.
Must maintain a professional and friendly demeanor.

Level: At least 1 level 60 character. (Strongly preferred by not required)


Operatives Operatives are members of the Shadow Aura Ops Team. Operatives are seasoned players that are able to do operations (raids). They also attend guild pvp nights or base invasions.

Requirements: Must be level 50 or higher for PvE Ops
Must be level 10 or higher for PvP Ops

Be an active member of the guild.
Must have great listening skills, and be willing to learn fights, instructions etc.

To apply, send a Private Message to Myself or Menola with the following:

Position you are applying for:
Your Class and level
Why you are applying:

Thanks for your time!

- Ren


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